New Year Gift!

0xCFD Composition Collection Rewards Waiting for You!

The growth of 0xCFD cannot be separated from the love and support of the community. In order to strengthen the close interaction with the community members, 0xCFD Chinese community launched 10000 tokens rewards contest – “New Year Gift!0xCFD Composition Collection Rewards Waiting for You “activity! The competition offers rewards to all participants, and the winners of this competition will be rewarded with the long-term support of 0xCFD Content Incentive Plan and grow with 0xCFD!

【Composition Form】

Articles, Videos, Comics

【Composition Theme 】

The content of your work is not limited to in-depth reports, project interpretations, technical explanations, new users popularization, investment analysis, value logic, ecological opportunities and perspectives, horizontal comparative advantages, growth stories, future vision and other directions. Feel free to use your talents and tell about your understanding of 0xCFD from different perspectives.

【Participation Rules】

【Specific Requirements】

【Participation Rewards】

1. First Prize:1 winners, 1000 ZCFD tokens;

2. Second Prize:4 winners, 700 ZCFD tokens;

3. Third Prize:6 winners, 500 ZCFD tokens;

Sunshine Award: no limitation, every composition participated in can get 100 ZCFD tokens.

【Selection Criteria】

The output should be based on an understanding of 0xCFD and ecology, with some insight and depth, and according to the interactive data (the number of participants reading, forwarding, comments) and other comprehensive evaluation.

【Submit Composition】

Form “New Year Gift!0xCFD Composition Collection Rewards Waiting for You”


How to get the form:

Participants need to follow “0xCFD” WeChat official account and reply “composition collection”, “community”and other words to get the link of composition submission, community QR code to join 0xCFD composition collection activity group.

【Introduction of 0xCFD】

0xCFD, as part of the aforementioned DeFi derivatives trading category, is a decentralized leveraged contract trading system.. The project officially kicked off in 2018 and intensive effort was spent in research and development over this period of time. Under the hood, 0xCFD has the following four technical highlights: it leverages the contract for difference (CFD) trading model, adopts automated market making (AMM) mechanism, supports leveraged trading and non-spot delivery, and achieves a well-calibrated balance between user experience and trading performance for a decentralized trading platform.

0xCFD is an open sourced project of which the maintenance including code development and testing will be driven and fully maintained by the 0xCFD community.

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0xCFD is a decentralized leveraged exchange DeFi project