0xCFD:Testing Guide

3 min readJan 16, 2021
  1. Use Google (Chrome) to visit: https://0xcfd.com/

2. The browser needs to install the MetaMask wallet plug-in. For the MetaMask network, select Heco Testnet. For the first time, you need to manually add:

Select Custom RPC at the bottom of the “Network” and fill in the following information.

·Network Name:Heco testnet

·New RPC Url:https://http-testnet.hecochain.com

·Chain ID:256

·Currency Symbol:HT

Tip: If the user interface is not convenient to fill in, you can click the three dots on the right side of your MetaMask account and select “Open View” to fill in.

3. After entering https://0xcfd.com/, click Login and open MetaMask for signature.

4. After entering for the first time, you will get a small amount of test HT pay for gas, if subsequent HT is insufficient, please get it from https://scan-testnet.hecochain.com/faucet.

5. There is no special stable currency UST for testing when you enter your account for the first time. You can click “Apply for test USDT for free” on the right side to get it. Click “Approve Activate” to activate the account so you can participate in the test transaction!

6. Introduction of test interface:

(1) The CFD trading pair selection area, generally the last three digits are numbers, “1 digit year +2 digit month”. The green “T” mark indicates the tradable status, the orange “C” indicates the initial raising status of market-making pool liquidity, and the gray “S” indicates the non-tradable status of liquidation.

(2) Market display area.

(3) Holding and floating profit and loss display area. Each account has a record of holding only on each trade, cannot lock-up , a positive holding indicates a long position, while a negative holding indicates a short position. If the margin balance is insufficient, you can click “Additional” to increase the margin.

(4) Trading area. Currently only accept the market price order, bullish for long, click “Buy” button to close out short; Bear for short, click “sell” button to close out long. There is no special close button.

(5) Latest transaction records. Click on the transaction time link to jump to the Blockchain Browser to view the record. Please provide this link if there is a problem with the test.

(6) Transaction mining and liquidity mining areas. Participating in the test can get the test mining reward, the reward needs to receive manually. “Get Trading Mining” Click once to receive all trading pairs of trading mining rewards, it is recommended to receive every few days; “Get Liquidity Mining” offers a mining bonus for accounts that inject money into the market-making pool, and each pair receives it separately. After receiving the test network token ZCFD will be in your wallet, please pay attention to the official announcement, can be mapped to receive the real token ZXCT.

7. Market-making pool liquidity mining. Click “inject liquidity” or “Market-making Pool” in the upper right to open the market-making pool to inject test funds interface. Injections of capital are currently only supported before trading pair begins.




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