0xCFD Successfully Deployed to Kovan Testnet and HECO Testnet

Reported on January 14th, 2021, 0xCFD decentralized leveraged contract trading protocol completed version 0.5 smart contract upgrade, which has been successfully deployed to Ethereum Kovan test network and Huobi HECO test network, and the test clients has started a new round of “Test as Mining” activities. In a new round of “Test as Mining”, 500,000 ZCFD tokens will be as rewards, which can be mapped and converted into real ZXCT tokens of the project after the mainnet is launched in the future.

0xCFD is a decentralized leveraged contract trading system that uses liquidity automated market making (AMM) to support leveraged trading, non-spot delivery, and balanced user experience and trading performance on a decentralized basis. At the same time, 0xCFD is an open source community project. The community drives the development and testing of code. The project provides economic incentives through ZXCT token, and the governance committee implements the community governance through the governance contract.

Join test mining,500,000 real tokens reward!!

Deployed in HECO test network for full-function testing👏: https://0xCFD.com/

Test guide: https://0xCFD.com/help

Come and join, until the end of reward delivery!



0xCFD is a decentralized leveraged exchange DeFi project

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