0xCFD Captain Recruitment Plan

4 min readJan 28, 2021


Dear users,

In order to let you have better understanding of 0xCFD, and to practice and grow 0xCFD community, 0xCFD will start “0xCFD Captain” recruitment program on January 28th at 00:00am (UTC+8).

1. What is 0xCFD?

0xCFD, a decentralized leveraged contract exchange which is as part of DeFi derivatives trading category. The project kicked off the research and development in 2018. 0xCFD has the following four technical highlights: it leverages the contract for difference (CFD) trading model, adopts liquidity automated market making (AMM), supports leveraged trading&non-spot delivery, and balances user experience and trading performance on a decentralized basis.

0xCFD is an open source community project. The community drives code development and testing. The project provides economic incentives through the token ZXCT, and the governance committee implements community governance through smart contracts.

2. What are the characteristics of being 0xCFD Captain?

1) KOL, Community Owners, Professional Traders, Self-media, or Having over 500 people communities or fans.

2) Understanding contract trading, and fully realize 0xCFD.

3) Having plenty of free time to active in the community and be positive, patient and warm-hearted.

3. What kind of interests does 0xCFD Captain have?

1) 0xCFD Captains are divided into three types: Top Captains, Middle Captains and Regular Captains

- Top Captains need to invite over 150 people to participate in each round of test and drive over 150 group members to participate in one round of test mining, and the average trading times per day reach 50+ units/user;

- Middle Captains need to invite over 100 people to participate in each round of test and drive over 100 group members to participate in one round of test mining, and the average trading times per day reach 50+ units/user;

- Regular Captains need to invite over 50 people to participate in each round of test and drive over 50 group members to participate in one round of test mining, and the average trading times per day reach 50+ units/user;


- The number of invitations from the Captain must match the number of people in the group managed. If the number of invitations is lower than the number of members in the group, the lower one will be chosen.

- After 0xCFD mainnet is launched, test token ZCFD will 1:1 map the mainnet token.

2) After 0xCFD mainnet is launched, Captain has the opportunity to become the community ambassador and receive project token funding (the funding criteria will be announced according to the current situation);

3) Exclusive Honor — Customize 0xCFD Medal of Honor and get the exclusive 0xCFD Captain peripheral package.

4. Responsibilities of 0xCFD Captains

1) Apply for being Captain, and using 0xCFD Captain invitation code;

2) Captain establishes a community and invites 0xCFD customer service into the community;

3) Inviting community members to participate in the test, and asking them to fill in with Captain invitation code;

4) Captain is required to fulfill the monthly target;

5) Promoting 0xCFD official community events over 2 times each month;

6) Volunteer to help 0xCFD attract more new users and guide them to 0xCFD test network for transactions;

7) Proactively promoting 0xCFD brand, maintain 0xCFD image, and helping users solve general questions;

8) Having regular users’ feedback survey and feedback the test experience receipt.

5. Captain extra incentive

In each round of test, we will select the most outstanding captain. The top three Captains who invite the most users will get additional rewards as follows (the rewards can be increased or decreased depending on the specific situation) :

6. User rewards

1) After registration, the user fills in the registration form and gets 10ZCFD rewards;

2) If there is a specified test task (reward criteria please pay attention on the announcement), complete the task and take a screenshot, fill in the registration form, you can get manual reward.

3) Users can get 0.1ZCFD/units for mining, and trade up to 100 units per day. At the same time, the recommenders of trade mining will receive 0.01ZCFD/ units.

7. Test rules for each round

1) Each round of test mining has a starting and ending time, and users need to start mining manually to receive rewards;

2) The rewards from mining need users click it manually to receive ;

3) Each round of mining rewards must be claimed before the ending time, otherwise it will expire;

4) Effectively recommend user definitions:

- Successfully submit the recommended information after entering the website;
- Started to participated in this round of test mining;

- Submit at least 1 transaction;

- Successfully collect at least one mining reward.

*Must having all above four conditions

8. Audit Standard

1) Customer service enters the group to observe the status of the group, and help to answer relevant contents of 0xCFD at the same time;

2) Customer service will issue tokens to members who participate in the test transaction every day manually.

Filling in the registration form if you are interested in becoming 0xCFD Captain: https://shimo.im/forms/w3WhtVycg86Gyrkw/fill

Or add WeChat: 18767162414 to register.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xCFDexchange

Telegram: https://t.me/zxb_0xblock




0xCFD is a decentralized leveraged exchange DeFi project