21M Capital Established 21M-Dfinity Incubator

According to the official information, 21M Capital established 100,000ICP “21M-Dfinity Incubators”, Incubator belongs to Dfinity Biological Project. The first project is to support 0xCFD (Deri Protocol, 0xCFD.com), DeSwap(Uniswap, Dfinity Version,deswap.com)、ICPApps(Dfinity Biological Project Tracing)。

21M Capital is Dfinity Project’s Risk Investment and PE Round Investor, the future 21M Capital will continue to support Dfinity Ecology, and to establish ICP Nuron, based on Dfinity Incubator Project.



0xCFD Deri Protocol to join Dfinity Ecology

According to official information, 0xCFD Deri Protocol to join Dfinity Ecology.

0xCFD uses the traditional CFD trading mode and floating AMM to support leveraged trading deals, non-spot delivery to realize decentralized balanced customer experience and deals. 0xFD is an open-source community project for Driving-code Development, testing, and the project uses CFDT for financial motivation, and the community committee resorts smart contract to administer the community.



Thank everyone for your long-term support of 0xCFD ~ Happy new year!

There are 5,000 testing bonus tokens available to be collected for V0.5 currently.

Once the V0.5 bonus token has been collected, the V0.5 bonus token will no longer be generated.

0xCFD China community will launch V0.6 test bonus tokens officially!

Thank everyone again for your support and love, I believe that 0xCFD will bring you more exciting in New Year!!!

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0xCFD is a decentralized leveraged exchange DeFi project